Our designers have gained experience in a multitude of disciplines ranging from construction machine design, train design, automotive design right through to designing high end private jets. This broad experience allows us to tackle any industrial design activity with open imagination surprising our clients with our thought processes and abilities.

From initial research and trend analysis, concept sketch and high end Photoshop renderings, to 3D CAD modelling and design for manufacture, we can accommodate a wealth of design briefs.


Complementing our design activities we utilise advanced CAD software to meticulously build our designs. With nurbs based software, we can precisely control and model any complex shape so that the design intent is always retained from sketch to 3D.

We have supported projects from sketch to CAD model right through to design intent release, and even helped with difficult surfacing tasks that could not be completed in house. 


At Fordyno we make use of photo realistic CGI images in our work scope to give our clients a true-to-life representation of our design work. We utilise high end CGI software like 3Ds Max and VRAY to create stunning lifelike visuals that make you feel like you could reach in and touch the design.

Not only does this give a great opportunity to envisage a design before embarking on expensive activities such as prototyping, it also allows our clients to visualise several lifelike designs in a short period of time. We build our CGI process into our design activities or we can offer visualisation services as a singular activity ranging from images to animations and immersive VR presentations.


Fordyno designs complex structures manufactured from metal or composite materials. We apply our extensive experience to ensure that parts are easy to manufacture while meeting structural requirements such as fatigue, mass, strength and stiffness.

Composite materials are our speciality. Fordyno engineers large composite structures such as railway carriages, train fronts, high-performance yachts. Our experience includes:

  • Material selection based on project requirements and practical considerations

  • Design of laminates and connections such as glue bonds

  • Detailed FE analysis of single skin or sandwich composite structures

  • Reserve factor calculations based on complex failure models

  • Fatigue analysis of composite structures

Our designs are developed into detailed 3D models providing additional value:

  • Accurate mass prediction

  • Detection of interface issues

  • Detailed bill of materials

  • Design visualisation for management review and approval

  • Modelling as the direct input for engineering analysisand simulation

Analysis & Simulation

Our advanced analysis tools allow Fordyno to simulate complex behaviours in a time efficient manner. Advanced simulation reduces the requirement for costly and time consuming physical testing and increases confidence in the design. It also allows Fordyno to examine many more design options for product optimisation. As a result, we can develop better products faster and cost-efficient manner. Analyses we carry out include:

  • Non-linear geometric and material behaviour

  • Fatigue analysis

  • Failure prediction of composite materials

  • Time dependent analysis

  • Impact simulation including material failure

  • Aerodynamic simulation

Crashworthiness Modelling

Fordyno can create accurate models to simulate collisions with rigid or deformable bodies for the design of transport systems using the finite element method.

Crashworthiness analyses are kept in strict accordance with applicable standards - such as EN 15227 for rolling stock vehicle bodies - and can be relied upon to produce accurate results. This greatly reduces the need for expensive and time-consuming physical testing.