Fordyno visits Airbus in Stade and Hamburg


On 14th September 2018, Fordyno’s team was thrilled to visit Airbus’ composite manufacturing facility in Stade, Germany, where the Vertical Tail Fins are manufactured for the Airbus A320, A330 and A380 series aircraft.

It was incredible to see the fully automated laying up of unidirectional carbon fibre tapes for the aircraft tail skins and the precision applied in cutting, moulding, reinforcing and joining composite parts.

Fordyno was able to observe the strict quality control applied including ultrasound scanning of the completed tail skins.

We followed this with a tour of Airbus Hamburg on 17th September where the A320 and A380 aircraft are assembled and painted. The scale of the operation is astounding as the full aircraft are progressively put together from components sourced from all over the world.

The experience with Airbus was great and really demonstrated the possibilities for composites in lightweight structural applications. Inspiring and educational for all our team.